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LAMM AT LARGE: Is NFL’s fear of injuries causes more injuries?

todayAugust 11, 2022

I think the NFL’s fear of injuries causes more injuries.
Most NFL teams do little hitting at practices and most of the stars play very little in exhibition games because of this fear. But football is a violent contact sport played by large, fast men. There are going to be injuries.
I think players are better equipped to handle the violence if there was more live scrimmaging at practice; if they played more in practice games against opponents going all out.
You can’t learn to avoid taking big hits without contact.
This may sound old school to you because it is. But do you remember there being more injuries 25 years ago when practices were two-a-days and the pads were exploding?
I don’t. I’m betting there were fewer.
This is my way of saying Jaguars Coach Doug Pederson should play his starters at least a half in every exhibition — after a week of hitting at least two days.
Getting down the timing under fire would produce better results later in the season.

Written by: 1010admin

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