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Jacksonville Jaguars started playing in 1995, leading to the team becoming a National Football League franchise. The Jaguars have since registered a plenitude of wins after wins giving its fans something to believe in and an assurity that it is a great team. Despite their many triumphs, the Jaguars have experienced some Losses in the game.

Today we choose not to talk about the good and bad days the team has encountered since it started playing but instead about the best players the team has had on its roster over the years.

Fred Taylor: Running Back

Fred Taylor is one of the best players in the history of Jacksonville Jaguars after starting with so much fire and zeal for the Jaguars. Fred was a threat to Jaguar’s opponents since he had a superpower; he was a consistent runner since the 1998 draft after being drafted ninth overall, all through his tenure. Albeit a threat, Fred Taylor was one of the Jaguar’s most underrated running backs.

That didn’t hold back the champ since he kept pushing to start off his NFL career. It was not so long after Fred Taylor started his career in NFL where he helped the Jaguars gain at least 11,271 yards on the ground, ranking first in yards, whilst contributing 62 rushing touchdowns in eleven seasons with the team.

Tony Boselli: Left Tackle

Jacksonville Jaguars did themselves a favor by drafting Tony Boselli as their first player in 1995. Tony Boselli was a left tackle out of USC, and right after joining the Jaguars, it was crystal clear that he was what the team needed. He was there for an extended stay, mainly on the Jaguars’ offensive line.

Boselli was elected to five Pro bowls and made it in gaining All-Pro honors three times in a span of six years. This was just the beginning of being on his way to the Hall Fame career, which was cut short by his early retirement in 2002 after incurring shoulder injuries that forced him to say goodbye to his career earlier than expected.

Boselli was a juggernaut throughout his incumbency with Jacksonville Jaguars. He is one greatest players ever to put on Jacksonville’s uniform. He did his best while playing for the Jaguars, and it is apparent that he was one of the Jaguar’s best picks in history.

Jimmy Smith: Wide Receiver

Jaguars have always made an aggressive move with their drafting of players, right from running back to wide receivers. Jimmy Smith is an example of the best choices the Jaguars have made in their history. The team hit the nail on the head by adding Jimmy Smith to help strengthen the team.

Smith was an excellent option for Jacksonville despite his prior low moments of dealing with back-to-back injuries while playing for the Dallas Cowboys. Not until the Cowboys cut the player when Jaguars came looking for him. After joining the Jaguars, he managed 288 yards in his first season with the team and became a force to reckon with after that.

Before his suspension in 2003, he did the most by hitting the 1,000-yard mark nine times. He had the ability to play the game. His best season was in 1999, after recording 116

receptions for a staggering 1,636 yards. He accumulated more yards than other players while he was in Jacksonville. Smith finished his glittering career as the Jaguars’ best wide receiver in history and will always stand as one of the team’s best players. Smith’s records remain remarkable!

Mark Brunell: Quarterback

Mark Brunell was the first quarterback to start for the Jacksonville Jaguars in 1995 after being the Green Bay Packers’ fifth-round pick in the 1993 draft. Being named Jacksonville’s first quarterback starter was the beginning of him holding the reins for the Jaguars for nine years and proving his worth to the team.

During the nine years he played for the Jaguars, Mark Brunell did a fantastic job by taking the Jaguars to the AFC Championship game two times. Though his team lost two times, he didn’t slow down and was always a great player for the team.

He threw 25,698 yards, 86 interceptions, and 144 touchdowns during his decent career with Jacksonville Jaguars. It is safe to say that Mark Brunell’s 25,698 yards and 144

passing touchdowns remain the most in the history of the Jacksonville Jaguars. No player from the Jaguars has managed to beat this record yet.

Daryl Smith: Linebacker

Daryl Smith played on the Jaguars’ defense for about ten years. He was Jaguars’ second pick in 2004, but he showed the team his skills and was listed as one of the best outside linebackers the Jaguars had. In 2011 Daryl Smith registered his best season in the league after having 107 tackles, eight passes, and 3.5 sacks defended.


He didn’t garner so much attention, but he put his best forward and let his skills do the talking. He was a great leader who continued to do an impeccable job while playing for the Jaguars, but that was put on hold after the player suffered a groin injury that caused him to miss fourteen games of the 2012 season.

Unfortunately, the Jaguars couldn’t re-sign him, and therefore he had no choice but to leave. Despite an unfortunate ending with the Jaguars, Daryl Smith left Jacksonville Jaguars as the team’s leading tackler.

Bottom Line

Irrespective of being known as a great team, Jacksonville Jaguars have also been linked with incredible and super talented players in the history of American Football, helping make American Football betting a thing. From the likes of Tony Boselli, Mark Brunell, Fred Taylor, Jimmy Smith, and Daryl Smith, all these are great players worth the discussion. These players may not scream Hall of Fame at the mention of their names, but they are incredible players that have stood out in the history of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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