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LAMM AT LARGE: Mac Jones won’t get the credit he deserves

todayJanuary 6, 2022


Patriots’ quarterback Mac Jones WON’T be the rookie of the year.

He has led New England into the playoffs after last year’s rare losing season. He did it by setting a rookie record for completion percentage and throwing 21 touchdown passes with 12 interceptions. He did it without a star supporting cast. Name a Patriots wide receiver or running back? Impressive for any quarterback.

But Jones is his own worst enemy when it comes to personal recognition.

He never complained or talked about transferring while sitting on the Alabama bench for three years. He made good grades and behaved like a good citizen should. He never complained when Crimson Tide teammates received more credit.

He didn’t whine about being the 5th quarterback taken in the NFL draft. Instead he thanked the Patriots for taking him 15th overall. In camp he quietly went about winning the starting job when most people had Cam Newton winning the job.

Controversy may be one of the few words Mac can’t spell.

Shame on more of us for not noticing. Rodney Dangerfield would, no doubt, understand.

Written by: Steve Bute

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