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LAMM AT LARGE: My Thoughts on The Jaguars Draft

todayMay 5, 2022

Because of eye surgery, I went Wednesday through Monday without being able to read anything. I did listen to sports TV and sports radio to follow the NFL draft, but anytime either turned to commentary I muted the sound. I didn’t want to know what anyone thought of the various draft picks, particularly those made by the Jaguars.
So, here goes my thoughts/grades for the newest Jaguars draft.
I give an overall grade of C-.
I didn’t like taking Travon Walker No.1 overall. Too much guesswork when it comes to the outside linebacker/defensive lineman from Georgia. The Jaguars can’t afford to miss with this pick. Aiden Hutchinson was a much safer pick.
I loved trading up to get Utah linebacker Devin Lloyd at 27.
As for the remainder of the draft, I can honestly say I’d only heard of RB Snoop Connor, and that’s because he played at Ole Miss. I was surprised because the Jaguars drafted only two offensive players. Yeah, little help for QB Trevor Lawrence.
But, honestly, what do I know?

Written by: Dylan Ryan

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