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LAMM AT LARGE: Rivalries are just for fans

todayOctober 27, 2021

Rivalries aren’t what they once were.
Oh, I am not talking about the fans. Rivalry games — like this Saturday’s Georgia-Florida game — still crank up their passion. They still wear their school colors all week; plan annual parities and enhance the tailgating experience.
Victories still feel better than others; losses hurt more than others.
I’m talking about the players and often the coaches. Once rivalry games pitted a majority of players against former high school teammates and rivals. Players who grew up dreaming of playing for their schools, their bedroom walls decorated with school colors and pictures of their heroes.
But schools like Georgia and Florida recruit nationally. Where once their rosters will filled with home grown talent, now the players come from a dozen or more states simply looking for a path to the NFL.
Sorry fans, they don’t feel your passion.

Written by: Steve Bute

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