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LAMM AT LARGE: Rookies Are Reporting

todayMay 10, 2022

As rookies attend their first NFL training camps this month, teams will keep an eye out for possible mistakes they made in drafting.
The first — and most obvious — thing team’s will look for is
are the players in top physical condition? Staying in shape is now a year-round thing in the NFL.
Then, how have the drafted players handled their new found wealth? Which ones go on a major shopping spree buying cars, jewelry, electronics clothes and even houses. Which ones have distant relatives and old friends they haven’t seen in years hanging around with their hands out.
There’s plenty of time to enjoy the money. Keep it in the bank until you’re an established player. Most rookies are as good as advertised. They show up in top shape, with their heads down and study harder than they probably ever did in college.
But it only takes one high draft pick — 1st-2nd rounds — to be a bust to ruin a class.

Written by: Dylan Ryan

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