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LAMM AT LARGE: The Jags Need to Nail #1

todayApril 27, 2022

Who should the Jaguars take with the No. 1 draft pick?
Offensive tackle? Wide receiver? Tight end? Inside linebacker? Cornerback? Safety? Defensive lineman?
It doesn’t matter as long as they pick a player who can step in immediately and make a major impact; a player destined to have a long and successful career.
The old Jaguar regimes did a horrible job drafting. They have more top 10 picks that were total busts than than any team in history. (Okay, I’m guessing on that, but I’ll stand on it until someone proves me wrong.)
Doug Pederson gets to start his own Jaguars legacy. His draft work in Philadelphia was solid. We know Pederson loves offensive linemen. Does that mean they take Evan Neal, the offensive tackle out of Alabama?
Maybe, but the Jaguars have so many needs. Sound familiar?

Written by: 1010admin

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