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LAMM AT LARGE: Things that grabbed my attention recently:

todayJune 20, 2022


Things that grabbed my attention recently:


# Our new U.S. Open golf champion, Matt Fitzpatrick, looks like he’s 12 years old. Does that mean I’m getting old?


# You should always take what players say about their teammates, particularly new teammates, with a grain of salt. The latest example is Dolphins Tyree Hill saying his new quarterback,  Tua Tagovaloua, has a better arm than his previous QB Patrick Mahomes. That’s blowing smoke.


#  The happiest MLB fans are the New York media, who are salivating about another Subway World Series. No media are more “homers”  than you’ll find in our biggest city.


# The Tampa Bay Lightning have flirted with danger too many times. It has won back-to-back NHL titles, making a habit of falling behind in one series after another. But being down 0-2 against the Colorado Avalanche may be too steep a hill to climb. The Avalanche look like a young Lightning team.


# Seldom does a day go by when an MLB pitcher doesn’t leave a game with soreness or tightness in his elbow, shoulder, back, or legs. Is this team protecting their valuable property or pitchers protecting future contracts?


What I love about the new NBA champion Warriors is their love of the game. No whiney stars always sitting out games. No whiney bench players pouting. Coach Steve Kerr deserves a lot of credit. So does the team’s best player, Steph Curry.

Written by: Taylor Doll

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