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I’m so sick of the loudmouths in national media talking about big and small markets in pro sports

todayJune 27, 2023


I’m so sick of the loudmouths on national radio, TV, and print talking about big and small markets in pro sports.


Yes, big markets — New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, Houston, Dallas, and Miami — have a financial edge thanks to local revenue. But the salary cap helps level the playing field. Of the big market teams, think how many have struggled on the field? Meanwhile,  small market teams — Buffalo, Kansas City, Cincinnati, and, yes, potentially Jacksonville — have thrived.


All the teams make billions. Maybe it’s more about getting the right coach, drafting the right players, and developing those players.


The other loudmouths’ argument is many players struggle to cope with the big city media, especially in New York, the king of cheapshot journalists. Well, maybe there are a few,  but there are lots of NFL media in every city.


Finally, there’s the thought that free agents flock to the big markets. Truth is, free agents prefer going for the money and the best chance to win.

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