Enjoy March Madness Despite Moving Disruptions

todayFebruary 13, 2024


Preparing Kids Room Out Of State Move Youth Sports Seasons

Before packing up your kids’ rooms for an out-of-state move, first confirm that they have spots secured on new sports teams and leagues in your destination location. Reach out to local school athletic directors, community sports program coordinators, club team managers, or recreation league administrators to inquire about registration periods, tryout dates, and signup deadlines. Knowing the status of your child’s ability to directly enroll or try out for roster placement on new teams will allow you to better coordinate packing essential gear they will need access to upon move-in. Taking these steps early ensures your kids don’t lose a full season of play due to an untimely transition.


Expertly Audit Youth Sports Gear and Equipment When Moving Kids Rooms Out of State

The next crucial step when preparing your kids’ rooms for an out-of-state relocation amid ongoing sports seasons is thoroughly auditing all of their equipment, uniforms, and gear they currently use for practices, games, camps, and lessons. Catalog all items they will need immediate access to upon move-in, as well as those that can be safely stored until registrations open for next seasons’ signups. Inspect each piece of equipment for any necessary repairs, replacements, resizing, or reconditioning required before transport and usage at new destinations. 


Consider hiring fine furniture movers to properly pack bulky items like hockey bags, golf club sets, baseball bats, tennis rackets, and lacrosse sticks to prevent damage during loading and unloading. This detailed inspection ensures you won’t need last-minute equipment replacements.


Ensure Proper Packing of Youth Sports Uniforms and Gear With ID Tags When Moving

As you pack up your kids’ bedrooms and sports gear for an interstate relocation, be sure to invest time tagging each box or storage bin containing uniforms, equipment, and accessories. Include identifiers noting the specific sport or season each container correlates to, your child’s name, and include a visible external list detailing the contents inside. 


Proper labeling as items get packed into the moving truck will make for much smoother unpacking on the other end. Your children can instantly locate boxes with their football pads without sorting through containers filled with baseball gear. Taking these preparatory steps ensures season-specific items remain together for fast accessibility at new destinations.


Research New Youth Sports Program Sign-Up Deadlines Before Moving Kids Out of State

As you ready your children’s bedrooms and possessions for an interstate move, conduct thorough research regarding sports program registration deadlines at your new destination. 


Compile details on:

  • Local school athletic team tryout schedules
  • Community recreation league sign-up periods
  • Club sport registration requirements/costs
  • Youth camp enrollment dates and fees
  • Public park and rec season start information


Having these specifics will allow ample time to submit forms, enroll your kids in programs, purchase any gear/attire needed, and mark tryout dates on your calendar before, during, and after relocating. 


Sites like non-profit SportsEngine’s youth sports guide provide useful registration checklists when moving interstate. Confirming these key details in advance guarantees your child doesn’t lose an entire season of play.


Help Kids Prepare Their Own Moving Checklists When Relocating Rooms Out of State

One of the best ways to reduce moving stress on kids and teens is to provide them age-appropriate tasks to keep them engaged in the process. Have them make their own personalized checklists detailing key steps to prepare their bedrooms, sports gear, and valuables when relocating out of state. 


Breakdown categories can include: confirming items to pack themselves, equipment needing inspection/repair, assigning numeric labels to moving boxes, noting new league registration deadlines, identifying priority items for road trip travel, and listing new gear requirements. Giving your children ownership over move prep builds life skills and minimizes disruption to programs and stability from the change. Post checklists in rooms and review together.


Use Color-Coded Storage for Transporting Kids Essentials When Moving Out of State

When using bins, boxes, and luggage to transport your kids’ important items during an interstate move, implement a color coding system to simplify the process. 


Categorize containers by:


  • Red – Highest priority possessions needed first days after move
  • Blue – Sports gear required for in-season play
  • Green – Off-season equipment used later


Color coordinating moving storage based on need allows for quicker unpacking so kids can access essential uniform pieces, equipment like helmets/cleats for teams, and comfort objects easing transition. 


Prepare for March Madness Viewings While Packing Self Storage Units During Interstate Moves

If your family is moving to a new home in another state during March, planning ahead for how to watch big games during the NCAA basketball tournament is essential. Survey storage facilities at your destination to assess unit sizes, price options, moving cart/dolly availability, wifi functionality, and policies on visiting during the moving process. 


Selecting a storage option where you can unpack essentials like TVs and cable equipment will allow you to set up March Madness viewings while transitioning homes. Doing so provides kids and teens a much-needed recreational constant during a major life transition.






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