How Can The Jaguars Make the Most out of the Next Draft?

todayJanuary 26, 2022


In recent years the locker room sports documentaries have struck a chord with the viewing public and sports fans eager to see what goes on behind the scenes at their favourite sports outfit. Last Chance U, the Netflix documentary that followed a real life Coach Carter was a particular hit.

In the NFL, the All or Nothing series which has featured the likes of the Arizona Cardinals, Los Angeles Rams and Dallas Cowboys has been a great watch. The biggest disappointment then for sports fans, is that there was no camera crew filming the goings on at the Jacksonville Jaguars last season.

Whilst the Jaguars didn’t come into last season in any great shape, featuring very lowly in the online betting odds, fans still couldn’t have predicted the chaos that was to come.

57-year-old coach Urban Meyer was dismissed from his role in December 2021 with a 2-11 record and a litany of scandals, including allegations that he kicked a player. There were other scandals too, but we have a word limit to stick to…

All in all then, it was a tumultuous season for the Jaguars which has left them in somewhat of a mess. The draft however offers some semblance of hope for the beleaguered Jacksonville outfit. Read on to find out how they can make the most of it and go into next season with a sliver of hope.


The Jaguars Pick Position

Thanks to one of the worst NFL seasons in recent memory, the Jacksonville Jaguars have Pick 1 in the 2022 Draft. Their 3-14 record and .512 strength of schedule just gives them the edge over the equally troubled Detroit Lions.


The Jaguars Weak Points

Having first pick in the Draft means that there are multiple areas of concern for the team in question, and that’s no different for the current incarnation of the Jaguars. The team are weak in the Offensive Line, at Wide Receiver and at Cornerback.

That’s just the areas where the Jaguars are really weak. There are plenty of other areas in which the team could do with improvements, but those are the most pressing at present.


The Jaguars Draft Targets

Whilst the Jaguars need work at OL, WR and CB the Draft offers opportunities in a range of positions. With plenty of cash in the bank to add free agents, the Jaguars can afford to be a little more open with their Draft recruitment.

Here are three players that could be well worth a look from the Jaguars hierarchy in the 2022 Draft:

Sam Howell


North Carolina


Quarterback isn’t a pressing area of concern for the Jacksonville Jaguars, but with a QB like Howell available, it has to be a consideration in the Draft. The North Carolina is UNC’s all-time leading passer and has all the attributes needed to excel in the NFL.


 (Sam Howell is an extraordinary talent that should be on the Jaguars Draft radar.)


The Lions are keen to recruit Howell as they aim to find a long-term solution to their lingering QB problems. Which could lead the Jaguars to look at…


JoJo Domann




24-year-old JoJo Domann earned his degree in advertising and public relations, so if he doesn’t work out on the field for the Jaguars he could do a good job managing the franchise’s flagging off-field reputation.


Real talk for a moment though; Domann is an exceptional talent that the Jaguars should be seriously considering. He’s fallen somewhat down the pecking order in the Draft after an injury in November ended his season, but his athleticism, instincts and physicality still make him a great Draft pick.


Christian Watson


North Dakota State


This deal would just make so much sense. The Jaguars are light at WR and the 6-foot-5 Christian Watson could prove to be the solution to that particular problem. His speed and overall control added to his frightening power make him a great WR choice.


 (Christian Watson is a raging bull that could be poised to make TIAA Bank Field his new stomping ground.)


The 2022 Jaguars Prognosis


The Draft matters, but in terms of the Jaguars short-term ambitions it won’t have too much impact on their 2022 prospects. Sam Howell, JoJo Domann and Christian Watson are going to be great NFL players, but they’re unlikely to reach their potential in the coming season.


Instead of worrying about how the Draft will impact their performance in 2022, the Jaguars need to instead focus on providing all the support that they can for the man they choose to replace Urban Meyer.


In addition to that they need to ensure that the off-field scandals that plagued the franchise last season don’t happen again this term. On the recruitment side, backing their new coach means making astute free agency deals.


If they can do that, in addition to the other pointers above, they might just have what it takes to post a season of promise for fans. That’s not to say that they’ll have a winning record or go close to the Super Bowl chase.


A good 2022 for the Jaguars is one in which all the main talking points occur on the field and one in which they record a couple of eye-catching wins for fans to savour.

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