Why The Jaguars’ Chances of Winning in 2023 Will Not Be Affected by Travel Distance

todayJuly 17, 2023


Why The Jaguars’ Chances of Winning in 2023 Will Not Be Affected by Travel Distance


There is a lot of discussion about how far teams must travel when the NFL schedule is revealed, but the Jacksonville Jaguars shouldn’t be concerned about it.

Jaguar’s Chances of Winning in 2023

Due to the yearly trip to London, and the AFC West schedule, of course, the Jacksonville Jaguars were the third in regards to traveling distance in the 2022 season, traversing across 22 different time zones, 25,534 miles. The Giants (9-7-1) and 49ers (13-4-0) were the only teams in the top 10 with a record that is better. In the end, the Jaguars won the same number of games as the 7 teams who traveled the most last season, making them the favorites of many bettors. Avid players may want to check out WynnBET Casino in Michigan for some new and exciting games.

The winning percentage and the distance a team travels practically have no relationship, according to data from the 2022 regular season. In a similar vein, winning percentage and time zones traversed do not significantly correlate. Despite the distance they will go in 2023, anticipate the Jaguars to triumph.

Due in part to the back-to-back games in London, the Jaguars will finish 20th in miles traveled for the year 2023. Although the players and families will benefit from less travel, don’t anticipate it to have a significant impact on the record.

Instead, a more recent statistic called rest difference has gained popularity as a better predictor of performance. The difference in total days between games between you and your opponent is known as the “rest disparity,” with a positive value indicating a higher differential in your favor.

Jaguar’s Rest Days in the Season

For instance, the Jaguars will have almost a week of rest before playing the Chiefs in Week 2, but the Chiefs will have 9 days of rest. The Jaguars now have a -3 rest disparity for that particular week. With a net -1 days throughout the course of the season, the Jaguars are tied for the 18th-best rest disparity.

Jacksonville gained 3 days of resting against the Steelers after playing the Saints, but they lost 3 days of resting against the Chiefs as previously indicated. The only other difference stems from a defeat to the Browns due to the Bengals’ game.

Therefore, even if the Jaguars do not have many concerns for the whole season, their lack of adequate rest will hurt them in a difficult game against the Chiefs. However, this will help wrap up the season’s first half with the extra days before the trip to Pittsburgh and the impending bye week.

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