Trevor Lawrence Excited About What Jacksonville Jaguars Can Achieve in 2022

todayAugust 29, 2022


It would be fair to say that a lot of expectations were placed on the young shoulders of Jacksonville Jaguars first draft pick Trevor Lawrence last season, and all in all, he delivered the goods, as least as far as he could do for a team that managed just one win in 2020.


The 22-year-old Clemson graduate managed to hold his own in his rookie season and will be hoping to build on what he achieved in 2021 when the new season gets underway. Indeed if you are a sports betting enthusiast, you may want to back the Jaguars to beat the Over/Under in terms of wins this season at www.sports-betting-ny.com where you can find the best NY online sportsbook and also compare the relevant bonuses on offer.


Lawrence helped the Jaguars to triple their single victory from 2020 and completed the season with, albeit a poor, 3-14 season and will hope to once again build on the progress that has been ongoing at the TIAA Bank Field franchise.


When meeting the press during the Jaguars’ training camp, Lawrence made it very clear what he hopes his team to achieve in 2022;


“In order for us to get where we want to become by January, I’ve got to play well, so I’m excited to have that opportunity. And I think the system offers that, and we got a lot of answers. Got a great scheme. And then, we have talent everywhere, especially receivers, tight end running back, upfront. Guys have been playing great, so I’m just excited to really see what we can do this year.”


Coach Urban Meyer was fired in December and has now been replaced in the long-term, after a brief spell with Darrell Bevell as interim, Doug Patterson who helped lead the Philadelphia Eagles to the Super Bowl in 2016. Such a solid managerial shift will certainly give long-suffering Jaguars fans some optimism ahead of the new campaign.


Pederson has spoken of a need for Lawrence to approach games in a calmer fashion, feeling this would help the QB to cut down on incompletions;

“In Trevor’s case, we’ve just got to get him to calm down early in the football game and settle in. There were some throws that were missed that I know he would want back, and we’ve seen him make those throws in practice, so we know he’s capable of doing it,”


Indeed there’s no denying the obvious potential Lawrence has to offer, and the hopes of building on the 3-14 record of 2021 are realistic; and Pederson is the right kind of coach to get the most out of such a talented individual, and it’s a task the head coach appears very keen to move onwards with;


“It’s just a matter of just kind of taking a deep breath as he starts the game and settle in. But those are all things that we continue to work on. We’ve got a couple of weeks left here in camp, and we’ll try to get better.”

As for Lawrence, it seems he can’t wait to get started;


“I really like where I’m at,”


“As far as offense goes, I feel really comfortable. I’m feeling more and more confident each day and feel really good with where I’m at with all the receivers, tight ends, running backs, and protection. Our communication, especially me and Luke (Fortner), is getting really, really good, and we’re on the same page more and more, so I have a lot of confidence in that group up front, and I love where we’re at. I’ve said it before, it’s about getting better every week, so we’ll see where we’re at in a few weeks.” Lawrence added

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