Why Sports and Gambling Are Inextricably Linked

todayDecember 15, 2021


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Sports events attract a lot of attention, especially football, and that kind of viewership is great for advertising. As a result, gambling operators have decided to piggyback off of that popularity and advertise their services. Today, over half of the Premier League has gambling companies as sponsors, and their brands often appear on players’ jerseys. However, it’s not that football clubs are forced into it. In fact, a lot of them enjoy having these sponsorships for multiple reasons.


There is a real synergy between the two businesses, and that’s why they are so closely linked. So, let’s see how both sides are benefiting from this arrangement and discover why sports and gambling are linked.

High Operating Costs

Sports teams can have high operating costs, especially when it comes to popular sports like soccer, football, NBA, and cricket. All of them require massive stadiums and sometimes there are over a hundred thousand viewers on a single match. Of course, there is a lot of revenue from these events, but preparing everything in advance is very costly. It’s difficult to describe everything that goes into the maintenance of a single sports club, but it’s safe to say they really benefit from the money they get from sponsors like gambling operators.


Now there are always moral issues that the audience might have with this but it also depends on the mindset of the viewers. In many regions, people treat online gambling and sports betting as two separate things. To specify they don’t view betting as gambling because it relies on one’s knowledge of the game.

Online Casinos Acquire New Users

Gambling companies really want to have their brand name displayed at these events. The main reason for that is the target audience. Although both online casino games and sports events attract a very diverse audience, the majority of both viewers and players are middle-aged men.


In other words, advertising during sports events is the most impactful marketing move, and it’s something that the best online casinos can afford. Moreover, lots of providers on the fast payout casinos list offer sports betting options. People who are spectating the game are also likely to place bets as they can win money. Additionally, operators might even award users with a special bonus or promo code that is available for those who are attending the game. So, it’s something that viewers also appreciate.


Limiting Access to Competitor Sites

Another reason why casinos and betting operators want to sponsor these events is that they might be able to get exclusive rights for the internet connection that’s available on the stadium. As mentioned, it’s entirely possible that someone will want to place bets during the match, and sponsors might limit the access to competitors’ sites. In other words, guests will be forced into using their platform or app if they want to gamble during the match.

VIP Treatment

Online gambling sites have a sophisticated algorithm that they can use to profile their users. Meaning, they are likely to know whether someone is a fan of Arsenal, or Manchester City, etc. Now, this is not very relevant information for casual users, but there are big spenders or whale customers who do get the VIP treatment from online casinos. Gambling companies really want to keep these big spenders around for as long as possible, and they often offer flight and match tickets to them.

Gambling Sponsors Are Here to Stay

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As stated, sports events have a diverse audience, and some of those viewers are young people who are not legally allowed to gamble. Because of this, there are lots of campaigns that advocate for the ban of gambling adverts. As a result, there are new regulations in place that really limit how casinos and sports betting companies can advertise their brand and content during sports matches. Yet even with these severe limitations gambling sponsors persistently try to squeeze into a space where they can get some brand exposure.


This proves that these appearances are extremely effective for their growth. Moreover, they want viewers to know they are supporting their favorite team. Gambling enthusiasts who watch sports are more likely to pay the operator who supports their favorite team. They feel like they are indirectly supporting their sports club, and that can be a powerful motivator.


These are just some of the reasons why gambling companies and sports are going to remain such close friends. It’s a mutually beneficial partnership, and the majority of big clubs want to have access to this extra source of revenue. Many athletes who are gambling fans themselves don’t mind acting as brand ambassadors for these operators. It’s an extra source of cash that they can actually use for charity or to help those less fortunate. Meaning, it really doesn’t make sense for them not to do it, as they can do more good by using those excess funds.

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